The Woo Group RBC Wealth Management Tokyo Managing Your Legacy


Preserve And Share Your Wealth

You may have ideas for how you want your assets to be shared during and beyond your lifetime. It’s never too early to think about the legacy you want to create on behalf of the people and causes you care about. Your RBC Wealth Management financial advisor can help you protect the assets you’ve built up over a lifetime and distribute them according to your goals and values.


When you’re ready to explore your options, you’ll receive personalized guidance regarding the most effective strategies to help you:

- Minimize the effects of inflation and taxes — including income taxes, capital gains taxes and estate and gift taxes

- Provide for the future well-being of loved ones

- Make charitable contributions

- Transfer money and property to your heirs


Achieve your goals for creating a meaningful legacy:

Being smart about funding education

- Contributing where it counts

- Making gifts in your lifetime

- Designing your estate plan